Welcome to IHM

Welcome to this year's celebration of Italian Heritage Month.

Last year was our first celebration and it was a tremendous success for our community. 2011 was also the 150th Anniversary of the unification of Italy and hundreds, if not thousands, of activities were celebrated throughout Canada. Numerous festivities were held simultaneously across the country with events hosted in Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec, Nova Scotia and the city of Vancouver.

As Canadians of Italian heritage, we have much to be proud of. Canada offered many of our families a permanent home that provided freedom, peace and opportunity. With those elements, the richness of our culture was permitted to take root and thrive. Its propagation thoughout our society speaks to its richness.

The values instilled by our parents are evident not in words, but in the accomplishments of the generations that followed.

Italian Heritage Month is a time to remember their sacrifices, bond with each other and build bridges with other communities that make up the people of Canada. It is also a time to celebrate our accomplishments by showcasing our strengths and continuing contributions to the success of this country.

Canadians of Italian heritage are but one strand of the Canadian mosaic and together with the others, weave the very fabric of who we are.

Nurture your heritage and be fiercely proud of our country, Canada!

I hope you support Italian heritage not only during the month of June but always. Enjoy, and keep the flame burning in your heart!

Michael A. Tibollo
The National Congress of Italian-Canadians -Toronto